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TIC-TAC Anti lice shampoo

TIC-TAC Anti lice shampoo

TIC-TAC Anti lice shampoo

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TIC-TAC Anti lice shampoo 100ml with its new and advanced formula provides greater efficiency and safety against lice and their eggs; this is the perfect remedy to get rid of head lice and eggs. Tic-tac anti-lice shampoo contains permethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid that is not affected by light, is more effective and less harmful than natural pyrethroids, and is characterized by a 14-day long effectiveness. Tic Tac Shamp and Lice is the first choice for mothers to protect children from lice because it is very safe and does not cause any harmful effects for children. Instructions for use:1 - Wash the hair and scalp first using regular shampoo, rinse thoroughly with water and then dry both hair and scalp using your own towel.2. Apply a sufficient amount of Tech-Tak anti-lice shampoo to the hair and scalp, enough to saturate all areas, including the area behind the ears and behind the neck.3 - keep the shampoo on the hair for 10 minutes; to work as an insecticide on lice and eggs.4- Add water with massage hair until thick foam forms. 5. Rinse thoroughly with water and then dry with another clean towel.6 - Comb the hair using a personal comb with fine teeth; in order to remove dead lice and eggs.
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