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Royce Derma Roller 2.0 mm

Royce Derma Roller 2.0 mm
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Royce Derma

Royce Derma Roller 2.0 mm

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Product Description :Royce Derma Roller 2.0 mm for face and body is a needle roller tool that opens the pores and improves the blood circulation in the skin and works to purify the skin and clean the pores and reduce the marks of the expansion of the skin, the needles in this roller cause delicate holes on the surface of the skin is invisible to give the skin capable of regeneration It also promotes and stimulates the production of skin collagen and is used to open the pores and revitalize the skin and increase the use of serums and creams used in all skin care programs and increases the absorption of these products by up to 87%. Derma Roll is used with treatments to lighten the skin and standardize the body color and remove the effects of wrinkles and treat the effects of acne and give the skin freshness and brightness. Derma Roll is also used to purify skin from impurities and open closed pores. Derma Roller is used extensively in the treatment of scars in the skin, even old and severe cases with scar treatments to accelerate its work and stimulate the renewal of the skin to get the best results and the fastest time. The size of Derma Roller 2.0 mm is the size of the needles on the roller and should be used for at least two months before switching to a larger size no matter how severe the situation in order to avoid possible complications in the case of large volumes.Method of use: Used once a week. Roll the roller on the area to be treated five times in each direction in the form of + and then 5 times in each direction in the form of X to cover the whole area.
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