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Otrivin Adult Nasal Drop 0.1% 10 ml

Otrivin Adult Nasal Drop 0.1% 10 ml

Otrivin Adult Nasal Drop 0.1% 10 ml

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Otrivin 0.1% Nasal drops can be used for various types of cold symptoms. It is designed to be applied in the nostrils, where it exerts a vasoconstricting effect thereby decongesting the mucosae of the nose and the throat. This effect allows patients with colds to breathe more easily through the nose. The action of Otrivin is felt within few a minutes and lasts for several hours. Otrivin contains ingredients which help prevent the nasal mucosa drying out, thanks to its prolonged action.How to use:Adults and children over 6 Years: 2–3 drops from 0.1% Otrivin nasal drops solution in each nostril; generally 4 applications per day are sufficient.
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