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Nicotinell 10 mg Patch 7pcs

Nicotinell 10 mg Patch 7pcs

Nicotinell 10 mg Patch 7pcs


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Nicotinell patches contain enough nicotine for a 24-hour treatment when you stop smoking. Nicotinell patches are used to help people who want to quit smoking, as they prevent and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms to enable smokers to dispense nicotine more easily. Nicotinell patches are available in three concentrations: 10, 20 and 30 TTS according to your personal needs. The focus you start with depends on the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily.How to use:- We recommend using nicotinell patches around the clock, and applying a new patch when removing the old patch. You can put the patch on the top of your arm, upper back or your hip.- Make sure the skin patch where you will apply the patch is free of cracks and hair and is dry. Choose a new skin patch every day and avoid using the same patch for several days.- When the patch sticks to your skin, it starts releasing nicotine. Nicotine may irritate the skin, and you will notice red marks when you remove the patch. The redness usually clears up within a few days, and it is not dangerous. If you see the onset of blisters, stop using the patch immediately, as this means an allergic reaction to nicotine or the adhesive.- Please read the leaflet enclosed in the box carefully and make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
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