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Maxon Inteema Spray 200 ml

Maxon Inteema Spray 200 ml

Maxon Inteema Spray 200 ml

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Maxon Inteema Alcohol Free Cleansing Spray is designed to be the healthiest choice for daily use. Maxon Inteema antiseptic spray, anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungal, it is the general sterilizer that you need to solve the problems of this sensitive area, as it does not cause any drought, soothes and moisturizes sensitive areas because it contains chamomile and aloe vera. When it comes to luxury for the intimate area, the alcohol-free cleansing spray is engineered to the utmost in health and comfort. A quick-acting formula in an easy-to-use packaging, refreshes, cleanses and balances pH levels in intimate areas.Size:200 mlHow TO use:* Spray onto the surface of your intimate area, leave for 10 seconds, and wipe or leave it on.* Maxon inteema spray does not need to be rinsed away with water.
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