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Lenza Beauty colored lenses Tricolor 4 Cats - Daily

Lenza Beauty colored lenses Tricolor 4 Cats - Daily
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Lenza Beauty colored lenses Tricolor 4 Cats - Daily

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- They are colored and distinguished.- They are suitable for those who are always looking for difference and distinction among friends.- They give your eyes an attractive and distinctive color that captures the eye.Uses:- Frequent daily use.- Temporary use on special occasions and times.Duration of use:Valid for one day.Characteristics:- New and distinctive colors that make you feel different and refreshed.- They are equipped with many small openings to ventilate the eye.- The lenses are comfortable and light on the eye as if they do not exist.- Do not cause eye sensitivity.How to use?Soak lenses in lenses solution and place inside the eye easily and lightly.Instructions:- Lenza colored lenses can be used all day without any problem.- It is preferable to remove the lenses from the eye during sleep and put them in the lenses sterilization solution, to avoid eye inflammations.- Try to use a suitable lenses solution according to your eye nature and opinion of your ophthalmologist.- Do not forget to change the lenses solution every time to avoid eye contamination.- Always apply the contact lenses before makeup applying, and remove them before makeup removing.- You can use lubricating eye drops while wearing lenses.- Check with your eye specialist if you feel any inflammation or sensitivity in the eye.- Do not use expired lenses or lenses solution.- If you feel any inflammation, you have to visit your doctor so as you can protect your eyes from any complications.
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