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Honey Cure Ointment 30 GM

Honey Cure Ointment 30 GM
Honey Cure Ointment 30 GM
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For the healing of burns, wounds and ulcers.Honey Cure Ointment is formulated with New Zealand Manuka honey UMF16+.Honey Cure contains other natural ingredients; pharmaceutical grade Sesame Oil and Peanut Oil which are well known for their healing characteristics.Honey Cure Features:Honey Cure Ointment significantly and rapidly reduces pain and inflammation once applied after burn, wound and cuts.Honey Cure Ointment rapidly reduces edema and exudates.Honey Cure Ointment provides germ-free moist physiological environment that accelerates burns and wounds healing.Honey Cure Ointment provides essential nutrients for tissue renewal and repair.Honey Cure Ointment helps to restore the skin integrity and minimizes scarring.Honey Cure Ointment has a debriding action; it liquefies dead skin cells, facilitates their removal and helps cleaning the wound bed.Honey Cure has a patient-convenient honey scent in comparison to some other natural competitor products.
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