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Glycolix 18% Extremity Cream 57gm

Glycolix 18% Extremity Cream 57gm
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Glycolix 18% Extremity Cream 57gm


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Glycolix 18% Extremity Cream is formulated with ultra-pure 18% glycolic acid in an occlusive, penetrating base. It is perfect for exfoliating rough skin on arms, legs, knees, heels and elbows. Extremity Cream is enhanced with protective, soothing and moisturizing antioxidants, vitamin E, aloe Vera, and squalene, a natural emollient found in healthy skin, to prevent moisture loss. Glycolic acne clearing solutions provide gentle, pH balanced Glycolic-Salicylic Acid based treatments help to transform skin health for a beautiful complexion. Ultra-pure cosmetic grade Glycolic Acid provides exfoliation, while the comedolytic properties of Salicylic Acid USP 2% unclogs pores and delivers acne therapy for a lasting, flawless complexion.
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