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Declare Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream 50ml

Declare Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream 50ml

Declare Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream 50ml

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Declare Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream 50ml is skin moisturizing cream and care for very dry and sensitive skin rich in instant absorbing Shea butter, which immediately turns dry and dull skin into bright and beautiful skin, and also contains high-quality fats and vitamin E known for its anti-oxidant properties, which protects from external influences (cold, wind and free radicals) and negative reactions to The skin like dry and red skinSize 50 ml Use* It is used as a moisturizer for dry, extremely dry and sensitive skinComposition * Shea butter*Ceramide-combination*Vitamin E acetate*Allantoin*Calendula extractProduct FeaturesDeclare Nutrilipid Extra Rich Repair Cream which is dedicated to moisturizing very dry and sensitive skin, which contains in its composition a mixture of wet materials:Shea butter and it has many benefits for the face and skin because it is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that work to moisturize the skin effectively and protect it from dehydrationCalendula extract is a very important part of skin care products due to its sedative and anti-inflammatory effects.Vitamin E, which works to moisturize the skin from the depth, also improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production inside cells, which helps in moisturizing the skin in addition to being a high antioxidant that removes harmful free radicals that cause dry skin vital.* declare is dermatologically tested for sensitive skinHow To Use It ?Apply to your face and neck after cleaning them .Important Tips To Moisturize The Skin1. Make sure to choose a facial moisturizing product that is appropriate for the type of skin you own2. Never forget to apply face moisturizer before makeup3. Do not expose your skin to hot water for a long time while taking a shower4. You should always apply facial moisturizer after shower5. Drinking an adequate amount of water is the primary key to moisturizing the face and maintaining skin's youthfulness6. Follow a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as this will reflect positively on your skin and help maintain its moisture.
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