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CO DIOVAN 320/12.5 TAB 28'S

CO DIOVAN 320/12.5 TAB 28'S

CO DIOVAN 320/12.5 TAB 28'S

28 Tab

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CO-DIOVAN is a combination drug used to treat high blood pressure. The scientific name for this medicine is:Valsartan: It is one of the forms of drugs that inhibit angiotensin II receptors, which results in the treatment of high blood pressureHydrochlorothiazide: a diuretic, which is one of the types of thiazides that helps the body get rid of fluids and it also reduces blood pressureIndications for use of Co-Divan:Hypertension .People with heart failure and heart problems.Cirrhosis of the liver.Renal failure cases, in addition to kidney disease and general disorder.Fluid retention, as it is a diuretic.Precautions:The tablet should be swallowed with water.Do not take medicine before bed, as it is a diuretic.Avoid chewing, crushing, or draining the tablet.In the event that you miss a dose, it should be taken immediately after remembering, provided that the time for the next dose is not soon.The medicine is kept at room temperature and away from light and reach of children.It warns against taking more doses than prescribed by your doctor.Don't give medicine to others, even if it suffers from the same disease. Consult a doctor first.
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