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Bi Preterax 5/1.25 mg Tab 30's

Bi Preterax 5/1.25 mg Tab 30's
Bi Preterax

Bi Preterax 5/1.25 mg Tab 30's

30 Tab

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- Bi Preterax tablets for the treatment of high blood pressure (Bi Preterax) is a combination drug containing (Perindopril), one of the ACE inhibitors, which leads to preventing the release of angiotensin and thus relaxing the consciousness of the drug, reducing blood volume and lowering blood pressure.- And (Indapamide), a derivative of sulfonamide, belongs to the family of thiazide diuretics. It helps expel salts and excess fluids from the body, which helps to reduce blood pressure.Indications :Primary high blood pressure.Contraindications :• Sensitivity known Perindopril, Indapamide or sulfonamide.• Heart failure.• kidney failure, severe acute liver disorders.• Lack of potassium in the blood.• Pregnancy and breast-feeding.Prescription required
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