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PediaSure 10+ Chocolate​ 850 G

PediaSure 10+ Chocolate​ 850 G

PediaSure 10+ Chocolate​ 850 G

850 G

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PediaSure 10+ Chocolate​ 850 GPediasure +10, Chocolate-flavored Children’s Milk for ages 10 years and up, 850gPediasure +10 is a comprehensive nutritional supplement designed specifically for children from the age of 10. It aims to support and enhance the growth of children whose growth rate is less than their peers in the same age group. It is the ideal choice for picky eaters and those who suffer from malnutrition or consume less food due to loss of appetite.Storage: The can can be stored before opening at normal room temperature (not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius). After opening the can, its contents should be used within three weeks.Warnings: Do not use a microwave oven to prepare the formula or to heat it. Always use boiled water to prepare the formula and let it cool slightly before giving it to the child.
Payment and delivery in Riyadh & Al Qassim:
Free delivery by Lemon captains. Cash on delivery or using credit card (Visa / MasterCard / Mada).

Payment and delivery for other cities in Saudi Arabia:
Paid delivery is available all-over Saudi Arabia with a delivering fee of 35 riyals through SMSA. Payments are made online only using credit card (Visa / MasterCard / Mada).

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