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Depakine 500 mg Tab 40's

Depakine 500 mg Tab 40's

Depakine 500 mg Tab 40's

40 Tab

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Depakine for the treatment of epileptic seizures Depakine contains sodium valproate, which limits epileptic seizures, as it works to increase the secretion of acid (gamma aminobutyric) and thus prevents and controls epileptic seizures. This drug is used to control epileptic seizures only and is not considered a final remedy for epilepsy, as it is not a final treatment for epilepsy, as it is It has other uses as it helps treat depression and hallucinations.What are the reasons for using Depakin?Treating seizures and seizuresTreatment of bipolar depressionDepakin drug discontinuation method:The medicine should be stopped gradually by gradually reducing the dose according to what the doctor prescribes to avoid any withdrawal symptoms on the patient.Symptoms of a sudden depression stopping:AnxietyDepressionDizziness and headacheMood changesWarnings and precautions:It is advised to adhere to the dose prescribed by the attending physician, who determines the dose according to the body's response to treatment and health status.It is forbidden to stop treatment suddenly and without consulting a doctor, as it may cause adverse results and a relapse for the patient.In the event that the dose is forgotten, it is taken as soon as it is remembered, except in the event that the next dose is approached.Do not take a double dose without consulting your doctor.You must adhere to the treatment period prescribed by the doctor.Prescription required
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